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Hack Key
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Hack Key

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Get the full Hack experience on your own computer. The Hack Key comes on a USB so kids can plug it in when they're ready to play Hack.  See below for requirements.

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Get the Hack experience on your own computer

The Hack Key lets you experience Hack on computers with Windows 10, USB 3.0, native screen resolution of 1920x1080 only, and UEFI BIOS only. The Hack Key does not work on Macs or Chromebooks.


Hack comes with an innovative Flip-to-Hack feature so kids directly change parameters, immediately see their changes and develop familiarity with basic coding. Hack characters will guide players and provide new coding challenges and quests utilizing this feature.

All the tools you need for everyday use

Hack comes loaded with apps for everyday use, learning how to code, tackling homework and playing games. With access to the app store, you can easily add more apps that meet your family's specific interests and needs.

Harnessing the power of open-source

Hack uses the Linux-based Operating System. Kids can access source code and use a real sandbox for learning how to code.

What People are Saying

Alex, 11

“The part about being able to flip to hack is super fun. That was my favorite part, flipping back and forth. I've never had a computer like that before.”

Reshma Saujani
founder of Girls Who Code

“When we teach girls to be imperfect, and we help them leverage it, we will build a movement of young women who are brave and who will build a better world for themselves and for each and every one of us.”

Jared, 10

“If I can figure that out, maybe there’s other things I can figure out in my life that I didn’t know yet.”

Grace Hopper
Pioneer of computer programming

"To me, programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge."

Chloe, 12

“It's fun how Hack gives you problems to solve and helps you find ways to solve them. I like the combination of knowing enough to be able to solve new things and being pushed to try something different.”

Mitch Resnik
Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab

"I'm really interested in seeing how can we help young people become fluent so they can write with new technologies."