About Us

CEO, Roberta (Beta) Antunes

Global business leader, passionate executive, and ambitious industry disrupter, Roberta Antunes cofounded Hotel Urbano and grew it to a $500M valuation in less than 5 years. Hack’s mission to empower people with technology is aligned seamlessly with Beta’s own personal beliefs that computer literacy is becoming as crucial worldwide as the ability to read and write. Her goal and mission are to enable a new generation to feel empowered by their technology.
Co-founder of Hack, experienced engineering leader, technical architect, manager and team builder, Cosimo Cecci is an expert in the open-source development model, especially in the GNOME technology stack and community. He expertly leads the engineering team building the Hack product and also led the creation of Endless OS, the technological foundation upon which Hack is built. With more than a decade of experience in the world of open source, Cosimo also served three terms as a Director on the Board of the GNOME Foundation. 

Cosimo Cecchi, CTO


Chaim Gingold, Acting VP of Design

A designer, theorist and distinguished alumnus of game giant, Electronic Arts, Chaim Gingold creates and studies powerful representations for playing with, learning about, and reshaping the world. His work ranges from creating playful experiences, like Spore and Earth: A Primer, to studying play and its role in the history of technology, the subject of his Ph.D. Based upon this Ph.D. research, Chaim is currently writing the definitive history of the seminal simulation title SimCity, which will be published by a major academic press.
Lauren Miller has successfully grown a range of e-commerce companies and facilitated more than $90M raised in venture capital. She helped lead Google’s India operations as an early Googler and was named a Google Luminary. She led marketing at thredUP and accelerated the company’s growth and successfully grew its revenue 10x, helping the company raise $40M in venture capital. She also led marketing at Le Tote, which grew 15x in revenue and raised $35M in venture capital during her tenure. 

Lauren Miller, Acting VP of Marketing