Meet Hack!

What if there was a laptop for your child that in addition to doing everything that a normal computer does, actually taught them how to code? What if it was really fun to use and grew more advanced as your child’s skills developed?

That laptop is here.

Meet Hack. The world’s first full-stack everyday laptop that helps kids learn how to code. The Hack computer was inspired by the notion that people learn best when they’re immersed in an environment that utilizes the skills they are trying to develop - just like learning a new language in a foreign country.

Convincing kids to learn a new skill like coding can be challenging, and we know kids inherently want to test the boundaries.  We designed Hack so kids can flip around the apps and games, even the operating system, and make changes directly to the parameters. They’ll learn to code as they go but really we’re presenting them with a creative environment to solve problems.

The laptop comes loaded with Hack apps and educational third-party apps, and a fully interactive game. In the game, Hack characters guide players through the experience and give them different quests to solve each month.


As your child’s skill level improves, so does the game. The Hack computer comes with a subscription for fresh new content, so every month there is more for your child to learn. The game evolves with your child’s skills.

Of course, the Hack computer is more than just a game, it’s a fully functional Asus 14-inch laptop with FullHD, and 4GB of ram. It’s really a two-in-one solution for any parent who needs to a laptop for their child and also wants to provide opportunities for them to learn to code. So not only is the Hack computer great for school projects, gaming, and entertainment, it also provides a safe, virus-resistant space to explore, tinker and learn how to code.

We’re working hard to finish up Hack and now have a waitlist open for people who want to be the first to try it out. If you sign up now, you’ll be eligible to receive a Hack laptop, special swag, VIP access to the Hack happiness team and invites to playtests. Plus, our first 500 beta users will get a lifetime subscription to Hack!

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