How to play any available HACK episode.

As you’re making your way through the Hack experience you may want to revisit earlier episodes or even (for some really ambitious folks) jump ahead. Here are the easy-to-follow steps to allow you to set your account to any available episode.

1) From the desktop, search and launch the Terminal app

2) Type “com.endlessm.Clubhouse --set-episode episode(the episode number). For example, if you want to start from the beginning of episode two, you would type “com.endlessm.Clubhouse --set-episode episode2”

3) You should see the Terminal print “INFO:eosclubhouse: Loading episode episode(the episode you selected). For example, if you wanted to load episode two, you will see “INFO:eosclubhouse:Loading episode episode2”.

4) If you do not see the correct episode loaded in the text, repeat step 2.

Give it a shot!