How to create your own Sidetrack level in Episode 4

Hey there Hack Family!

Episode 4 has been released and we introduced a brand new Hack superpower. Once you reach level 50 in Sidetrack you now have the power to create (your own Sidetrack level).

You're probably wondering what kinds of commands are available. Well here they are:


Riley will move to the right.

Riley will move to the up and to the right.

Riley will move down and to the right.

Riley will jump to the right.

Riley will move forward and push. Note, that the item Riley is pushing must have room to move.

Robots are the main enemies for Sidetrack.

When you have access to the Unit tab, you'll be able to Hack their direction. Cool!

The Sidetrack board works on a coordinate system. Not sure about the coordinate system? Check out the video just under this section.

Sets the position of Riley's starting point.

Sets the position of the goal.

add(robotA,x,y); or add(robotB,x,y);
Adds a robot at your coordinate. For example, 'add(robotA, 1,3);'.

Adds a wall block at your coordinate. Note that adding wall blocks next to another wall will make it immovable.

Adds a pit at your coordinate.

Need a refresher on the coordinate system?
Check out the video below for a quick reminder of the coordinate system.

Share your levels or get new ones from the community

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