HACK Hacks: How to Restart a Quest

We’ve heard that kids want to play Fizzics again (and again and again) and relaunch the quest so they can play with friends or try new things. You can restart the quest and Fizzics by entering a simple command in the Terminal. Sound like gibberish? We got you.

Step One: Enter "terminal" in the search bar.


Step Two: Click on the terminal app and enter com.endlessm.Clubhouse --reset, and hit enter when you're done.

com.endlessm.Clubhouse --reset

Step Three: Go back to the Clubhouse and click on Ada to relaunch the quest. The Fizzics app will reappear on your desktop when you engage with Ada.

Step Four: Do a little dance, you just completed a hack!

Also, don’t forget to check out the App Center to customize your Hack computer with your family’s favorite apps like Scratch and Minecraft. Launch the App Center directly from the desktop and have fun browsing!