5 Hands-On STEM Activities For Kids

The official start of summer is right around the corner and if you're looking to keep the kids out of the heat, we have five STEM activities that'll entertain the entire family. If you haven't seen our previous post, we list out 10 more STEM activities that are fun and inspirational. 

5 Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids:

1) Weird Sand

Making weird sand is a great way to learn about chemistry. Sand is normally hydrophilic, but when making weird sand, it becomes hydrophobic. 

2) The Volcano Experiment 

The volcano experiment is a fun way to learn about an acid-base reaction. When you mix baking soda with vinegar, the reaction releases carbon dioxide which causes the bubbling or "erupting" effect.

3) Grow Alum crystals

Here is another great chemistry experiment. As the Alumn is dissolved into water, it forms a solution. When the solution cools and evaporate, some of the excess solid will form the crystals.

4) Lego stop motion film

Creating a Lego stop motion film is not only fun, but it supports storytelling, shows how stop motion works, encourages kids on how to manage projects, and more. 

5) Earthquake-proof marshmallow tower

By creating the marshmallow tower, they'll learn engineering principles such as gravity and the center of gravity. How high can you make your tower that will withstand an earthquake?

We hope you enjoy these hands-on STEM activities, if you want more, don't forget to check out the HACK computer and the ultra-portable HACK Key.